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Who are Amicus ITS?

Amicus ITS is an award winning IT Managed Service Provider who have been supporting healthcare, SME and corporate organisations since 1988. We have grown over the years through organic growth, acquisition and merger to become recognised as an accomplished, thought leading business solutions provider, providing 24x365 solutions and support to organisations which rely on technology to meet their business requirements, be it mission critical or life critical.

The Cloud First Team

What is Cloud First?

Cloud First is our latest web based IT service offering to business which is unrivalled in the UK. Our Cloud First solution is designed to be a complete IT support package holistically delivered, with flexible additional options - and available to customers from all industry sectors. Delivered through the Cloud we will sustain and support your business enterprise and ensure your IT is fit for purpose, your staff and systems connected, backed up, secure with a service that is accountable to you, throughout the working week.

Cloud First Services

  • UK based IT Service Desk support from trained technical staff Hours of support: 8am – 9pm, Monday to Friday, 7pm - 10pm Sundays
    Call allowance: 3 calls per person per month
    Optional onsite support available ie. FSE
  • Office 365
  • Any device, anywhere support Up to 5 devices per person
  • Data Storage 1 Tb per user
  • Upfront Service Level Agreements
  • Automated monthly reports
  • Automated monthly billing via direct debit

How much does it cost?


per user per month

Includes 3 calls to the Service Desk per user per month.

Examples of your costs

  • 10 users x £100 x 12 = £12,000 per annum
  • 25 users x £100 x 12 = £30,000 per annum
  • 50 users x £100 x 12 = £60,000 per annum
  • 75 users x £100 x 12 = £90,000 per annum
  • 100 users x £100 x 12 = £120,000 per annum
  • 150 users x £100 x 12 = £180,000 per annum

Frequently asked questions

What sized business suits Cloud First?

Cloud First is fully flexible and designed as a one size fits all (with additional options available) for 10 – 150 users. So whatever end of the SME spectrum you are, small or large - and wherever you or your offices are located, we will support you with state of the art IT solutions and expert assistance.

How quickly can you set me up?

This depends on the size of your organisation. Give the Sales team a call on 02380 429 429 and we can give you an idea of timeframe required.

What if I have some IT support already?

You may have ad hoc or formal IT support arrangements in place either in-house or outsourced already. The Cloud First solution provides all your organisation needs for a fixed price, from a single point of contact with full assurance and compliance and can sit alongside any other IT support you have in place. The people that you are talking to on the service desk are technically qualified IT Service Desk Analysts.

What accreditations do Amicus ITS hold?

Our vast experience and pedigree with regulated and highly data-sensitive industries include: healthcare, public sector, financial services, legal, charity, transport, retail and manufacturing sectors. Amicus ITS adheres to the strict disciplines of ISO 9001, ISO 27001, IGSoC, ITIL and PRINCE2 delivering highly resilient system and processes to support your business.

What is the setup process?

Amicus ITS will take the details of the users and they will receive the welcome notifications from Microsoft informing that they are on the system from the point.

Can I try before I buy?
No. If it was just a Microsoft 365 stand alone product, that would be feasible, but we are providing a complete IT service support wrapper to you with this offering, based on a minimum 12 month contract. We are confident that you will like what Cloud First delivers for SME businesses.
What if I want to extend my hours of service?
Yes this is possible. Talk to the Sales department for further advice and information.
Do I get charged extra on top of my per person monthly use rates if I call the Service Desk about the same issue but on separate occasions within a month?
No. To trigger any surcharge, your end user's calls would need to be prompted by three different support requests.
How do I print in the Cloud?
There are various options to print from cloud services. Speak to us and we will help advise which are the best for you.
What bandwidth do I need?
This depends on the number or users.
What happens to my company’s servers if I’ve moved my data storage offsite?
Previous customers have deployed a hybrid model successfully. If you have a big Business Intelligence project or other data intensive project, keeping old servers on premise would be beneficial for the transactions - and ensures that your previous hardware investment is fully utilised.

If we have not managed to answer your particular question(s), please don't hesitate to call and speak to the Sales team on 02380 429 429.

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